Celebrity offers for charity supporters

Donate, volunteer, fundraise, sponsor or take another good action for your favourite charity & get exclusive celebrity offers.

Celebrity offers

1 good action = 1 great offer

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About Blue Dot
Blue Dot provides the best celebrity offers exclusively for charity supporters. If you support charities by promoting them on Facebook, share with your friends on social media, donate, volunteer, fundraise, or several other actions then you get your hands on exclusive celebrity offers! One good action for a charity = one great offer for you as a thank-you for all your great work. more details
For charity
All non-profits can use Blue Dot Offers to bring a bit of celebrity magic, normally reserved for the biggest brands and causes, to your campaigns. Use Blue Dot to: incentivise and reward your supporters and employees, help with marketing your organisation and it's great work, and, provide a new income stream and a way to build partnerships with businesses. more details
For business
Blue Dot is a commercial offers & 'Win-Win Deals' platform exclusively for active charity supporters. Businesses provide offers, discounts & exclusives to increase sales and employee loyalty by engaging the 28m strong cause-conscious consumer market. Blue Dot Offers are already being used by hundreds of charities, commercial companies and the UK Government. more details

Celebrity offers for charity supporters

"This is our moment, this is our chance to start using Blue Dot to actually make a difference and through technology to make the world a better place" - Justin Cooke "Blue Dot can be to the 3rd sector what Nectar is to shopping."
Natasha Hill
"We support Blue Dot. You can run a business, you can do good and you can make good money from doing so too" - Peter Holbrook "Blue Dot, celebrating, rewarding and recognising the good that people do is enormously powerful" - Jess Moore "Blue Dot could become the real life implementation of Cory Doctorow's idea of Whuffie." - Craig Newmark
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